Longelover is a popular cocktail bar located in Shoreditch, tucked away inside one of the tiny East England alleys. Originally, it was a meat packing factory. The abandoned factory was transformed into a cocktail bar that serves Japanese style tapas and coffee using the best stovetop espresso maker. The bar which is located right around the corner, called the Loungelover, is a secret hideaway and a tempting little treasure.

Loungelover has received many awards including Bar of the Year from The Evening Standard, Best Bar in England from the Observer Food Monthly and Best Bar Design from Time Out, among many others. 


If you are familiar with Les Trois Garcons, you will notice that the decor here is almost the same with tapestries that are intriguingly mismatched, rustic brick walls, oriental vases, Swedish rocking horses, a mix of art and oriental decorative lighting fixtures, yesteryear pictures that offer anatomical insights and taxidermy.

As you enter the Loungelover, a hostess will greet you and lead you into the cozy themed inner sanctums such as the Cage, the Gold Room and the Baroque constructed around a central bar. This is to help you experience a different cozy area each time you visit. The crowd visiting the lounge ranges from people in the fashion industry and sharply-dressed professionals to successful musicians and hip creative types.

The real draw of the Loungelover is the cocktails that it offers. The drinks offered include signature creations like the Loungelover fig liqueur, Loungelover sweet vanilla and Loungelover Champagne with lemon oil and contemporary drinks such as the Black Diamond Sour, which is Disaronno with blackberries, violet liqueur and lime served with crushed ice). Or why not try the Bloody Mary with a touch? Imagine a bloody mary with real pizza sauce. Come in and try it.

Loungelover is definitely geared towards sharing an evening with a date or your friends, and not meeting new people, as it offers tasty snacks, fabulous drinks, lovely ambience and friendly service.









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